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Week 13 Record Watch

Total Points Hartman couldn’t quite pull off setting the 13 game points record after only 12 weeks of play. He needs all of 17 points to set a new record while D’Skae looks primed to crack the top five and Harrington the top ten. Higdon has fallen off the list. Proportional Wins The Good Hartman had a rough Week 12, only outscoring 3 other teams (and losing to Shokunbi) for 0.

Week 12 Record Watch

This week’s post could alternatively be titled, “Hartman is Heading for Home” on a few covetted points records. One record he hasn’t touched this year has been the single game points record, where despite his success this year, he hasn’t even cracked the top ten. In fact, the current record was set by RJ against Hartman! I wrote about that here. But I digress. Total Points Hartman comfortably out in front of all challengers in the ten years of Bad Newz history.

Week 11 Record Watch

Another week, another check-in on potential records being set. The post last week successfully jinxed Hartman as he lost for the first time. My playoff and BYE probabilities are again calculable. Total Points Hartman still comfortably ahead. Both D’Skae and Harrington also remain on the board, separated by a mere 3.2 points. Proportional Wins The gap is narrowing here but Hartman still has a comfortable lead through 10 weeks of play.

Week 10 Record Watch

Hartman has been on tear this season. The first team to start the season 7-0, then 8-0, then 9-0. He has broken my playoff probability and BYE probability metrics in the Advanced Standings. Surely this must put him on track to break some records…let’s see what the data says. Total Points Sure enough, 2018 Hartman is head and shoulders above the rest. D’Skae and Harrington also in the mix. I’ll temper their excitement by saying points are way way up in Bad Newz this year.

Fantasy Baseball Interlude: Power of Incentives

This year for the first time in our fantasy baseball league history we included an obligatory buy-in. The stakes were low, only $25 per team. To increase season-long engagement we made quarterly payouts of $25 to the team with the best record that quarter. The final payouts were $50 to the runner-up and $100 to the champion. This is how it played out: Q1 Winner - Matovina Q2 Winner - Olson Q3 Winner - Thieneman Q4 Winner - Harrington

Exploring Alternate Universes

For the first six or so years in the league we defaulted to however ESPN thought best with the schedule. Back in the message board era of Stats Corner I posted a head to head record matrix that showed that some league members had never played each other. It also showed some people play each other too much or too little, depending on whose side you take in the Regan-Harrington beatdown.

The Single Game Points Record Championship Belt

Welcome back to Stats Corner posts for the 2017 season! Better late than never. This is the first post on a new platform, as you can see. I have purchased the domain I’ve gone back and incorporated posts from previous years dating back to 2014. You can find through the home page. Links to both the Advanced Standings and Record Book appear on the left hand side. So if nothing else statscorner.

Season Recap and Playoff Preview

RIP The Jimmy G Era Even though we still have the playoffs, we’ve likely seen the end of the Jimmy G Era in Bad Newz once this season ends. RJ has the second most team names of all time, coming in at 7 in 8 seasons. Only McShane is a perfect 8 for 8 in terms of seasons/different team names. So it’s unlikely we’ll see them next year.

Taking Questions Week 12

“In honor of my 0.3 win over RJ, what is the smallest margin of victory we’ve had since the move to decimal scoring?” Back in 2009 before we had decimal scoring we had two ties, Ready and Shokunbi tied at 97 in Week 4 then Kane and Ready tied in week 11 at 123. In 2010 we went to decimal scoring and have had 12 games decided by less than a point, or almost two per season.

Taking Questions Week 11

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