Welcome back to Stats Corner posts for the 2017 season! Better late than never. This is the first post on a new platform, as you can see. I have purchased the domain www.statscorner.com.

I’ve gone back and incorporated posts from previous years dating back to 2014. You can find through the home page. Links to both the Advanced Standings and Record Book appear on the left hand side. So if nothing else statscorner.com is an easy url to remember if only to bring you up to date on Proportional Wins.

But I digress.

The career home run record is arguably the holy grail of sports records. There is something very pure to it. We all know Babe Ruth’s 714 home runs, then Hank Aaron at 755 and (some of us know) Barry Bonds at 763. Ruth became the career home run leader when he hit his 138th career home run in 1920 (source). He held onto the record for over 50 years before Aaron broke it. Then Aaron held the claim on the record for 30 plus years before Bonds broke his record.

The natural comparison here is our single game points record. Of all the records I track I think it is my favorite, even though I’ve never really sniffed it. How long do teams usually hold on to the record?

Who’s (Been) Number 1?

Below is the first gif in Stats Corner history, which illustrates the top 10 single game points record at every week since the league’s inception.

Time at Number 1

What about time at #1? Between Losman’s Gamblers, Cameron’s Cuties and 12.5 PSI, who’s held the belt the longest? Here the chronological list:

Owner Team Points Weeks with Record First Week Last Week
McShane Six Ring City 142.0 1 2009 Week 1 2009 Week 1
Ready Team Ready 148.0 4 2009 Week 2 2009 Week 5
Regan Losman’s Gamblers 171.0 39 2009 Week 6 2011 Week 12
Harrington Cameron’s Cuties 175.1 32 2011 Week 13 2013 Week 12
Skrzyszewski Oozing With Machismo 181.5 16 2013 Week 13 2014 Week 12
Shokunbi Team Shokunbi 182.0 6 2014 Week 13 2015 Week 2
Hartman Name Your C. Johnson 182.6 12 2015 Week 3 2015 Week 14
Thieneman 12.5 PSI 192.6 60 2015 Week 15 2019 Week 1

Since this includes playoffs, RJ needs to hold onto this record through Week 7 of next season to dethrone Losman’s Gamblers for time spent at number 1.