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Division Dominance

James writes, Hey John, have we ever had such a strong division in the league? With Ken, Matt, and I sitting at 21-6 overall, I was wondering if that is heading towards the best division winning percentage ever? Good question James. Over a week has passed since McShane asked that question, and the teams in the division went 1-2 in Week 10 so they now sit at 22-8, good for a 0.

Historically Bad QB Play

Over on the redesigned message board Tim asks: Can I get some kind of stats corner research to see if Darnold just posted the worst game in the history of this league? And also has a 2 QB team ever ended up with less points than the 0.1 wentz and Darnold combined for? I’ll hang up and listen Great question! This is both easy and hard to answer.