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Season Recap and Playoff Preview

RIP The Jimmy G Era Even though we still have the playoffs, we’ve likely seen the end of the Jimmy G Era in Bad Newz once this season ends. RJ has the second most team names of all time, coming in at 7 in 8 seasons. Only McShane is a perfect 8 for 8 in terms of seasons/different team names. So it’s unlikely we’ll see them next year.

Playoff Preview

Shout Out Congrats to Himmy Tarr, the only one to submit an answer to my trivia question last week. Jason Kidd is #2 all-time in both assists and steals. However when I wrote I had steals in mind. Nice job Tim. Also, Tim didn’t break the points record and made the playoffs. So all his fears were for naught. Playoff Probabilities Playoff season is here. That means another round of interpreting ESPN’s questionable tie-breaking rules, disappointments for D’Skae and Dan Ready and the #4 seed attempting to get off the schnide of having never won a first round game (it’s true).

Week 5

Welcome back to Stats Corner. I won’t try and pretend that the inspiration of this weekly Message Board Post isn’t the “Skeptical Football” column found weekly on Despite its flaws it provides interesting insights into the NFL. In the inaugural column this year the author Benjamin Morris (twitter handle @skepticalsports, I reccommend you follow) created a heat map/matrix of records and historicalplayoff probabilities. Link. This week I bring that to you for Bad Newzs.