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Season Recap and Playoff Preview

RIP The Jimmy G Era Even though we still have the playoffs, we’ve likely seen the end of the Jimmy G Era in Bad Newz once this season ends. RJ has the second most team names of all time, coming in at 7 in 8 seasons. Only McShane is a perfect 8 for 8 in terms of seasons/different team names. So it’s unlikely we’ll see them next year.

Taking Questions Week 12

“In honor of my 0.3 win over RJ, what is the smallest margin of victory we’ve had since the move to decimal scoring?” Back in 2009 before we had decimal scoring we had two ties, Ready and Shokunbi tied at 97 in Week 4 then Kane and Ready tied in week 11 at 123. In 2010 we went to decimal scoring and have had 12 games decided by less than a point, or almost two per season.

Taking Questions Week 11

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Taking Questions Week 10

Does Hartman Have a Shot at the Proportional Wins (PW) Record? Let’s take a look at the leaderboard of most PW through 10 weeks. Year Owner PW Through 10 Weeks PW Season Total All Time Rank 2011 Shokunbi 7.45 10.09 1 2014 Skrzyszewski 7.45 9.45 2 2013 Ready 7.18 9.18 4 2016 Hartman 7.09 NA NA 2015 Harrington 6.91 8.55 8 2009 Regan 6.

Season Finale

A New Points Record RJ set a new points record against Hartman in the toilet bowl semi-final. I thought he was a shoe-in for last place this year. His team stinks. But he shattered Hartman’s record against Hartman! That should teach Hartman never to set records again. So here is what the updated leaderboard looks like for most points in a game: Owner Team Year Week Points Thieneman 12.

Playoff Preview

Shout Out Congrats to Himmy Tarr, the only one to submit an answer to my trivia question last week. Jason Kidd is #2 all-time in both assists and steals. However when I wrote I had steals in mind. Nice job Tim. Also, Tim didn’t break the points record and made the playoffs. So all his fears were for naught. Playoff Probabilities Playoff season is here. That means another round of interpreting ESPN’s questionable tie-breaking rules, disappointments for D’Skae and Dan Ready and the #4 seed attempting to get off the schnide of having never won a first round game (it’s true).

Calm Down Tim

Thanks Tim for the idea on the league message board for this post. I figure I’ll address it head on. For those of you who don’t know, even though to have clicked on this link you must have seen that he posted something, this is what he said: Can we get something on the likelihood that a team sets the single season point record and misses the playoffs?! Because it looks like we’re heading that way[.

Keeper Analysis

Stats Corner There are three types of owners in our league: The owner who is plotting his keepers before the end of the previous regular season (Regan, Ready, Harrington, Olson, D’Skae). The owner who starts thinking sometime during the summer who he’s going to keep (Kane, McShane, Hartman, Higdon). The owner who decides the morning of the draft who he’s keeping (Thieneman, Matovina). Whoops, I’m sorry four types:

Scoring the Draft

Welcome back to Stats Corner for the 2015 Season! This place has a new look, a new location on the internet and new ideas. I will no longer be restricted to message board posts. Bear with me as the style evolves. Here in Week 1 I want to focus on content and content only. Future posts should have a better style. Scoring the Draft Coming out of Draft Day I’m sure most of you were feeling pretty good.

Week 7

Welcome to a very special Stats Corner. In light of recent emails I felt I should dedicate this week’s post to non-traditional students and the SAT. The National College Review Board has kept statistics on non-traditional students(defined as age 25+ at time of enrolment) since 1983 and… Just kidding. This week is special because I’m focusing not on historical game data from our database but rather the ups and downs that accompany me and likewise most of you on Sundays.